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What if a piggy eats an apple?

(Email me @ if you want this dummy book)

It was a bright and hot day, a little piggy just wandered around on the field. Then he just felt thirsty and wanted to rest. He pointed out an apple tree and quickly came to sit under the tree. The minute he felt so relaxed and was looking round, he realized that the apple tree had a lot of apples.

He thought, "What if I eat one apple? I am too thirsty and the tree looks kind enough to offer me one apple"

The tree thought, "Why is this piggy here? He looks quite suspicious as if he would steal an apple from me".

Then suddenly, the piggy reached over the most delicious apple.

The piggy eagerly enjoyed the apple right away, did not realize that the tree started to get angry.

The tree was really irritated and humiliated by the arrogant piggy. "He is not allowed to eat any apple. He did not ask me . I do not like him", thought the tree.

The piggy ran away to escape from the angry apple tree. Then everything seemed to get back to a normal day.

There is nothing bothering the tree. There seems to be no creature around it except its apples.

"Why do I feel so empty?", thought the tree.

After a few hours, the piggy felt thirsty and wanted an apple again.

This time the tree felt so joyful, so she reached out to give the piggy some shades making the little one comfortable.


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